Too Smooth Thanks

Dean Schanbaum and Sid Hagan

For Their Work on the DVD

of our 1979 Concert


By Jeff Clark

(Early 2008)



Before I dive deep into the details of updating our friends on all that has been going on with the Too Smooth projects and resurgence, I want to let you know that the first DVD from the 1979 Too Smooth concert at The Whiskey Box in Dallas, Texas – a masterfully-packaged and audio-enhanced video – is still available for purchase on eBay. 


It was amazing that Dean Schanbaum, who videoed us that night in 1979, just happened to post three cuts on right after The Saxon Pub show in Austin in January 2007.  Dean had absolutely no idea we were doing any reunion gigs!  When my son notified me after finding Too Smooth on YouTube, I deduced from Dean’s comments that he had been living in Dallas in 1979 and was a friend of Don Townsley (a Too Smooth alumnus who was guitarist, singer, songwriter and played keyboards). The inquisition poured on Dean from me and from Sid Hagan – another big fan – who also had Googled Too Smooth and found Dean’s YouTube postings.  Talk about fate!  All of this apparently was meant to be!


Too Smooth had just finished reunion shows at The Saxon Pub, the last of which was filmed and recorded by The Texas Music Café of Waco.  We started filming interviews, collecting old pictures, posters, film footage, music recordings, etc. for a television show and separate documentary.  Then, here comes another Too Smooth project from the archives!


Well, it turns out Dean has been in the video/digital media business for decades (obviously sparked by his 1979 start?)!  He puts “Long Hair Drug Band,” “Snowstorm” and “Mamie Mama” on YouTube, and the band says, “What’s this?  We love it!!  Have you got more?”  Meanwhile, Sid, who became a huge fan and believer in Too Smooth in the mid-‘70s when he heard us play in San Antonio and later in El Paso, had been periodically Googling to see if there were any remnants of Too Smooth appearing in cyberspace.  Lo and behold, he learns that we just had a reunion gig and that there is some old video on YouTube.  Sid starts drilling Dean from the left, and me from the right.  Relentless, persuasive and genuinely wanting to add his talent to Dean’s project, Sid convinces us both to let him enhance the audio on that condenser mike recording.  With his amazing aptitude for sound mixing and hard labor, and his true love of our music, Sid did an incredible job.  These two guys really made a very cool keepsake for us all.  Thank you, Dean!  Thank you, Sid!  We are forever indebted to you guys for your endless hours and days of volunteer work in the name of Too Smooth.  


In case you don’t know yet, you can get your copy of the DVD of our 1979 gig in Dallas on eBay.  Just go to eBay, type in “Too Smooth Timeless” and there it is, or just click on the following link and it will take you straight to it: For those who prefer not to buy online, you can contact Dean directly via email at  Or you can write a check payable to Dean Schanbaum in the amount of $25.00, which includes shipping costs, and mail it to: Too Smooth DVD, c/o Dean Schanbaum, 161410 Chase Oak, San Antonio, Texas 78232.  


Soon thereafter, you will be enjoying yourself watching a DVD of his amazing footage of us in our heyday. Also, you might want to check out Dean’s website at  Please be sure to tell all of your hibernating Too Smooth friends to wake up and grab some of this music history!


Sid is in the process of archiving and converting old cassette tapes (mainly mixing board) and any other Too Smooth recordings that exist out there, from analog to digital, in hopes of finding some great live music that might be available for purchase in the future. Anyone who has tapes like these should contact him at or by calling 424-420-1136.  After copying them, he will return them to you immediately.


You have just got to read Sid’s early email to our old fan, Jerry Worrell, describing the first time he witnessed Too Smooth play. Click on the Fan Blog link on our website to read his story.  Hey, why don’t you fans send us your recollections of the first time you saw us in concert, or one of your favorite stories about the band?  We would love to hear them all. (Well, most of them anyway!) When you send us your remembrances and tall tales, be sure to let us know if we may publish them on our website with your name included.  Until we have a way for you to send them via this website, please send your anecdotes to Karen Harrell Milburn at


Once again, the members of Too Smooth want to thank Dean and Sid. We are so thrilled that there is footage of us back in the “good old days” that we can share with our fans.