Danny Swinney was born November 4, 1952 in Coronado, California.  He moved to Honolulu, Hawaii at the age of two and lived there until he was five.  At that time he and his family moved to Beeville, Texas, where he grew up.

Danny received his Sears Silvertonefirst electric bass and amp, both , as Christmas presents in 1966. From that day forward, his astounding bass beat would be heard for the next 40-plus years. 

He was a founding member of the first band he played in during 8th through 10th grades.  It was called Afternoon Tea and the guitarist in that band was his good friend, Brian Wooten, along with Billy Blackmon, Eddie “Wolfman” Walls, Jimmy Dougherty and Manuel Segovia, all of Beeville. The second band he played in was in 1969 and was called Wootsie, with Brian Wooten and Brian’s older brother, Robert Wooten, along with Billy Blackmon and Johnny Reagan, all of Beeville. From 1970 through 1971, Danny’s third band was named Steinbeck, where he once again played with Brian Wooten, along with Britt Mitchell and Stanley Spence, also all of Beeville.

After graduating in 1971 from A.C. Jones High School in Beeville, where he was named class favorite and had innumerable friends, he moved to Kingsville to attend Texas A&I University.  He moved back to Beeville in 1972 and attended Bee County Community College until 1973.

In 1973, Danny moved to Austin to attend The University of Texas, where he received his Bachelor of Arts degree in biology. (Who knew?)  During that time, in 1974, he was asked by Brian to join Too Smooth to replace the bass player who had left the band.  That was the beginning of the classic lineup of the band and the start of a lifelong career in music. He stayed with Too Smooth until 1980.

In 1980, the famous singer Christopher Cross met Danny through another Beevillian, James Wofford, who was working for him as his road manager.  It wasn’t long before Christopher became so enamored with Danny and his fantastic personality that he asked him to join him on tour as stage manager and assistant road manager. He stayed with that Christopher until 1983.

In 1983, he rejoined his former Too Smooth bandmates, Brian Wooten and Jeff Clark, along with drummer Chris Skiles who replaced Tom Holden when he left Too Smooth, to form the band 14K, another wildly popular band in Texas.  He played with 14K until 1987 until the band broke up.

After that, he played with numerous bands in the Austin area:  Money for one year, The Debonaires for six years, Jerry Burkhart for a year, Two Rivers for a year, Mark Winston Kirk for a year, and two years with the country band Lost Wolf until 2002.

In 2003, he joined country western singer Pete Benz, and toured for two years.  After that, he moved to Ruidoso, New Mexico, and played with the band Six Shooter at a casino named The Inn of the Mountain Gods until 2006 when Pete Benz convinced him to return to Austin to play with him again, where he stayed until 2008.  During this time, he became a substitute teacher for the Pflugerville Independent School District. (What a bunch of lucky kids to have Danny as their teacher!)

In 2008, he and former Too Smooth drummer Chris Skiles, along with John Lockhart, Robert Wagner and Brian Andrew Lee, formed the very cool band Suede, and he currently tours with Suede.

Danny has lived with his partner, Kay, for the past decade. 

With a perpetual grin and eternal kindness wrapped up in the best personality anyone has ever had, Danny is one of a kind. We love him madly.

“I have to say that I have been very blessed in my life.  I grew up in the wonderful town of Beeville, which I absolutely loved.  I had the best family anyone could hope for and a wealth of close friendships. I’ve played with many of my good friends in some great bands, but Too Smooth has a piece of my heart that no other band can fill.  When we have our reunions, I am continually amazed at the outpouring of adoration from the Smoothies, our Too Smooth fans, but what they don’t realize is that I love them just as much. When Brian and Jeff and Tom and I step on that stage, it is as if we never parted.  The beat starts and the energy flows, and the music kicks in just as it did twenty years ago.  I am a happy man.” -- Danny






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