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We are looking for stories about Too Smooth. Let us hear about the first time you saw them and where. Tell us any story you want to tell about any experience you ever had with the band or its members or at any of their concerts. We can't promise you that we will publish them on our website (if they are too rowdy!), but we hope to put up as many as we can.

Tell us about your favorite song, why you are a fan, a little about yourself and anything else you desire. The stories can be long or short, amusing or memorable, good or bad. It is your story, so write it as you see fit. Before we put your story on our site, we will edit it for grammar or punctuation errors, and send it back to you for your approval. After you give us a thumbs-up, we will put it on our Fan Blog page.

Thanks, Smoothies, the band wouldn't be anything without your incredible loyalty, love and support!